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Antfarm webcast crew setup

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Antfarm webcast crew setup

We have been serving streams since inception in 2000


Antfarm has touched the lives of millions of people in South Africa and globally, going from strength to strength in evolving our solutions and delivery.

Antfarm was co-founded by Marek Dziembowski, who remains an active director and leader in the business. We pioneered the adoption of both radio streaming and the use of live video streaming in South Africa, establishing the company as the leading provider of streaming services to broadcasters, government, and corporate markets throughout Southern Africa.

Over the years Antfarm has developed suite of bespoke products and, despite historical bandwidth constraints, we have successfully pioneered streaming technology in South Africa. Antfarm now owns and operates a global, high-capacity streaming content distribution network (CDN) with multiple nodes in South Africa, as well as Europe and the US, to ensure the most efficient delivery of your organisation's online broadcasting requirements, be it audio or video.

Today our business serves all of South Africa and beyond from our locations in Pretoria and Cape Town where 20 full time Ants work and collaborate with an external crew of highly skilled partners and associates. Clients ranging from listed multinational corporates through to small community radio stations trust us with their live communication needs to internal and external stakeholders.


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