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Online Video and Conference Streaming

Corporate and Government Conference broadcasting has become a popular feature creating an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and visionary communication. Conference organisers can use online video streaming as a way of broadcasting their conference to the public that are geographically restrained from attending.

We understand that time is money and that it is often challenging to try co-ordinate diaries, times and location. These limitations need not stand in your way or exclude delegates from your important event. Conference web streaming has become a vital component in today’s corporate arena as delegates are able to watch your conference live or at a later stage via the web.

Will users watch Online Videos?

It is important to note that there are currently over 1 billion users of online video, making the size of this community equivalent to the third largest country in the world. As technology re- defines our lifestyle, more and more business people are looking for simpler and flexible time and location solutions. Antfarm assists with creating the ultimate user experience via conference webinars.

How does Conference Broadcasting work?

The online conference catalogue mirrors your conference programme, making it simple for virtual attendees to find and participate in each presentation. The Antcast interface displays the video of the presenter alongside the slides, and keeps the video and slides synchronised at all times.
Online videos of your conference are kept on the web for up to 12 months, ensuring that all relevant virtual attendees can watch the conference recording when they are free. You can be rest assured that should these delegates watch your conference presentation in their comfort zones, they will have your full attention and extract necessary information about your organisation and presentation topic.

The Antcast Conference Streaming Process

There are 6 key elements to successfully delivering live or on-demand conference webcasts. These elements are:

  • Capture
  • Encode
  • Relay/Upload
  • Publish
  • Distribute
  • Manage 

Live Stream your Conference with Antfarm
Your conference is valuable to a global audience. Antfarm assists with recording and publishing your conference efficiently. Whether it’s a day-long conference, a convention over several days or an internal meeting, Antfarm has the perfect conference webcasting solution for your business.
For further information on Antfarm’s conference streaming service, contact us today.