audio & visual internet broadcasting

Enterprise CDN (eCDN)


Every leader is aware of the importance of ongoing communication to the people they are leading. For organisations that are distributed around the country and the globe, it is well known and recognised that video is a powerful medium for delivering broadcast communications. The challenge is to deliver live video communications over congestsed IT networks, while simultaneously managing an every growing library of video content.


The eCDN and eVMP solution from Antfarm is designed to provide broadcast video communications to distributed national and global braches, factoring in IT network constraints.


What Is the eCDN and eVMP?


The eCDN and eVMP solution is a communications solution used by corporates and governmental departments to deliver live and on-demand audio/video broadcast messages to staff nationally and globally.


This solution is applicable to enterprises who have a desire to provide regular, live audio and video communications to the desktop for staff at all branches or remote offices (regional, national and/or global) including the mobile workforce.


Examples include

  • Weekly or monthly updates to the staff by the CEO or divisional executives/managers;
  • Strategy presentations to the national or global executive team;
  • Internal product launches;
  • Training to staff (including executive development, technical updates for middle management and staff, induction training, etc)


The challenge for such companies is how to deal with the large amounts of data that audio and video streaming imposes on the WAN or GAN.


How does the eCDN & eVMP work?


Key Solution Elements: The solution consists of two key elements, the eCDN and the eVMP.


The Enterprise Content Distribution Network, or eCDN, can be thought of as the transport layer used for distribution of streaming media to end users. The purpose of the eCDN is to make live and ondemand streaming media available to end users as efficiently as possible over an enterprise network – this is achieved by the distribution of streaming traffic to edges of the enterprise network, thereby overcoming network bottlenecks evident in distribution of media from a centralized location.


The Enterprise Video Management Platform, or eVMP, can be thought of as the presentation layer through which end users engage and consume streaming video media. The purpose of the VMP is to manage the accessibility, associated workflows and publishing of media to the eCDN such that both live and ondemand rich media presentations are accessible to end users via a standard browser based interface as well as via mobile devices.


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