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Global CDN (Content Distribution Network)

global cdn

The powerful impact of even the most compelling video content can be completely undone by a poor viewing experience. Issues like time to load and buffering of video during playback need to be minimized. A content distribution network, or CDN, moves content as close to the end-user’s internet connection as possible, thereby significantly improving the end-user experience. For example, an end-user in SA gets the stream from a South African source rather than trying to get it from an American source, and vice-versa, resulting in a far improved end-user experience overall.


The CDN employed by Antfarm has high capacity distribution points in South Africa, the Euro zone and the US. Our CDN is used to deliver all of our live streaming content including all our live radio stations and our live corporate, government and entertainment related webcasts. As such, it is a reliable and scalable platform from which to deliver your live webcasts.


Viewers of both live and ondemand content will automatically be served streams from the media server or CDN distribution cache closest to their geographic location, ensuring rapid, reliable content serving.


The CDN optimises the end-user experience by minimising the time it takes to connect to the stream, improving stream reliability and minimising buffering commonly arising out of congestion and latency on intercontinental internet routes.