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Live Webcasting


Antfarm has successfully provided webcasting solutions for a wide variety of music concerts and sports events. We have experience working on some of the biggest events in the country and understand the rigorous production demands of such events.


Our approach to such events is twofold: we consider both the practical, logistical issues and additionally we ensure we understand the value proposition of taking the event to the online world.


Firstly we ensure that we understand the logistical complexity of organising the event to the extent that we can integrate our logistical requirements with the overall event logistics.

Secondly, we ensure that we understand the benefits of entertainment content from an advertising point of view. As such we have developed advertising and monetization solutions to ensure that events organisers maximise the opportunities available via the online platform for advertisers.


Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to deliver your event live, online and maximise the digital marketing opportunities available via this medium.