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Radio Streaming Solutions South Africa

Antfarm’s provides a suite of radio streaming products to suit all types of radio broadcasters including Commercial Radio, Community Radio and Online Radio.


Antfarm provides the following Radio Streaming products


InfAnt Radio Streaming 

This product is custom designed for Community Radio stations. The product includes all the elements required to take your existing terrestrial broadcast and publish it on the Internet via your website. For Community Radio Stations wishing to get exposure to a global audience, this is the ideal solution.


Innova Radio Streaming 

This product is ideal for large, well established Community Radio Stations, smaller Commercial Radio Stations, and successful Online Radio Stations that run their own live studio. This product optimises the balance between cost and robust reliability and quality. Many of our clients who start with the InfAnt product will upgrade to the Innova product as their online presense grows and becomes more firmly established.


Commercial Radio Streaming 

Antfarm’s long history with Commercial Radio streaming, starting in 2002, has ensured that we have built up a robust, scalable, cost-effective solution to provide even the largest Commercial Radio Stations with a world-class streaming service.

This product includes all the elements required to take your existing terrestrial broadcast to the Internet. The product includes all the critical elements of a commercial streaming solution including scalability, reliability, redundancy, global reach, quality and deliverability.


Online Station Manager (OSM) 

This product is designed for our country’s aspiring online radio station producers. If you do not own a studio, but you have access to pre-recorded content or can create your own content that you wish to playout in a “radio broadcast” format online, this is the ideal solution for you. The product provides you with all the tools you need to upload, manage and publish your own online radio station.


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