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Religious event streaming with MiniVid

Antfarm’s MiniVid streaming solution partners with your religious organisation and helps deliver your message to all believers globally, in real-time on a regular basis. With our skills, expertise and state-of-the-art MiniVid technology, we are able to provide religious event streaming to you, helping your organisation succeed in today’s highly technological society.

Who should use our Religious Broadcasting Solution?

Many Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and other religious institutions make use of and trust live streaming solutions to assist with spreading their message worldwide. Antfarm uses innovative technology to convey your message to believers in real-time, whilst maintaining “pure content” by avoiding illicit material. This allows you to voice your opinion, culture, value and beliefs to members around the world, and educating them from the comfort of their home.

What is the MiniVid Streaming Solution?

This MiniVid solution allows you to deliver your regular events as live sacred video streams to your Internet audience. This can be published on your website, Facebook fan page and any other partner websites you choose to share this event on.

How does MiniVid work?

Live spiritual presentations and speeches can be captured and streamed quickly and conveniently using a single video camera. It is as simple as connecting the video camera to the provided MiniVid encoder and clicking the Start button. For larger events that require streaming praise, a combination of audio visual (AV) equipment to a multi-camera setup with live vision mixing can be used.

Streaming faith is simplified for any religion or belief, with MiniVid. The Minivid encoder converts the live AV feed into a digital stream that can be sent onto the Internet. This live digital stream is relayed via a suitable Internet connection (typically a dedicated ADSL line) to the global Antfarm Content Distribution Network (CDN). This allows your religious event to be viewed in real-time to all believers reliably.

The stream format allows for your event to be viewed across most Internet connected devices such as PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry devices.

Antfarm will provide you with a web-based link that allows you to publish your sacred presentations, speeches and events on your website and social media platforms – allowing your followers to find and view your religious stream from anywhere around the globe.

What does the MiniVid Streaming Solution include?

  • A dedicated video streaming encoder with all relevant hardware and software licenses
  • Streaming distribution bandwidth across the Antfarm CDN
  • VigilMetrix Stream providing online streaming statistics reporting
  • Antfarm’s ongoing maintenance and support of the entire solution
  • Ongoing support of end-users who struggle to connect to the stream
  • Optional: dedicated ADSL line and bandwidth for stream relay from site to the Internet.
  • Video streaming player

Special Rates for Religious Institutions

Antfarm gives all faith-based institutions a special rate as this elite group forms part of our non-profit organisation clients. We believe in assisting you in the most effective way possible with achieving a greater reach and educating more members on your religious and spiritual principles. Antfarm customises your religious event streaming plan based on your available budget and Internet connectivity. We also support integration of the live stream into church broadcast platforms such as churchonline ( Let Antfarm assist you with an affordable and innovative way of educating your members.

For more information on this specialised solution for your religious event to be streamed, contact Antfarm.