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Video streaming technology has evolved exponentially over the last 10 years. Where in the past you had to be a hardcore techie to figure out how to deliver a live video stream onto the ‘net, these days there are a wide variety of highly effective, well packaged and easy to use products that make it much easier to publish live streaming video onto the ‘net.


A key element of any online audio or video stream, is the encoding process. This is the process of taking an analogue or digital audio/video feed, and converting it into a format suitable for transmission across an IP network – the term IP Network includes the Internet as well as most corporate LAN’s and WAN’s.


Those organisations and individuals with an affinity for technology will find Antfarm’s Encoding Products particularly compelling. We’re constantly keeping an eye on developments globally and we hand-pick those technologies and products that we believe offer the best combination of functionality vs. price. These products include some the most influential encoding products available globally, both for audio and video encoding.


Video encoders: Digital Rapids, Viewcast and Minicaster


Digital Rapids


Digital Rapids is recipient of more than two dozen prestigious awards for company and product excellence. The company combines innovative technology with proven expertise and visionary insight to help customers increase their revenues, expand their audiences and reduce their costs.




Viewcast, as the global leader in the streaming industry, continues to set the standard for innovative, reliable streaming media solutions that enable the capture, management and delivery of video to broadband and mobile networks.




miniCASTER® is an award-winning mobile live encoder/recorder, invented by the founders of TV1.EU, one of Europe`s leading online video platforms. Since 1997 TV1.EU holds a leading position in the market, having won several prizes including the German Multimedia Award. TV1.EU did the first wireless live streaming in 1999, invented the online PVR in 2005 and has now launched its first hardware product, the miniCASTER®.


Antfarm is a reseller of Viewcast, Digital Rapids and miniCASTER® encoders. But we are not your average hardware reseller. We actively use all three of these encoders for our live webcasting solutions. As such, we are extremely familiar with the details of these products and can guide our customers in detail in the use of these devices for the uncompromising circumstances of live video broadcasting.


Moreover, Antfarm recognises that encoding is simply one of 5 or 6 key elements of live video production online. The other elements, including capture (cameras, mic’s, etc), relay (internet connection), distribution and playback are also crucial elements. Antfarm has over 10 years experience in all these elements of live video production and can advise, guide and provide solutions in these other key areas, to ensure every Antfarm customer has all the tools and technologies needed for succesful live online broadcasting.


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